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Sunday, February 27, 2005


Some of you may notice that the photos page has a different look. The pictures have been split up into sections by gig. If you click on a section, it currently takes you to a plain directory listing of the related images. I'm working on putting writing a script that loads the images into a pop-up window. Until then, enjoy the pics as is!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Searching High: Mission Accomplished

So when I found out we'd be going to the studio to record Searching High, I thought to myself..."okay that'll take 2...3 hours tops" Yeah, so we were in the studio last night from noon till 3am. 15 hours to record the greatest song of all time? I'm fine with that. Plus it was SOOO MUCH FUN, and our engineer Roger was so friggin cool. I'm really impressed he didn't murder us all around the 10 hour mark.

Anyway, massive thanks to all the Niteskool peeps that stuck it out with us in the studio last night and for all the support to make it all possible! Thanks again to 3 Pear Studios and dear Roger for letting our police presence be known yesterday. Wait till you hear the song, America.... it'll blow you on your ass.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Keg

Thanks to the folks who came by the Keg to see COP and FITT last night! It was an awesome, awesome time had by all.

I've finally uploaded my 1800 Club pics (sorry the link is off-site).

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Show on Wednesday at the Keg!

I do believe the old COP will be playing a show tomorrow night (wed, feb 23rd) around 10 PM. We'll be opening for another excellent band- so come for a beautiful evening of music in america.
Where: The Keg, 1810 Grove Street, Evanston
When: wed feb 23rd, 10pm
Why: america.

Monday, February 21, 2005

COP: the hit single!

Citizens on Patrol goes into the studio Friday, February 25th, to record their single, "Searching High."

A word from Alex

Thanks again to all the people that packed the 1800 Club to see us play!! We totally made enough money to pay for the sound system we rented. Because a band is better when the mics and amps are at the right levels? Hmmm...I thought a band was better when their manager dresses in a white suit and cowboy boots.

Anyway, we all had a blast and it was waaaay thrilling to see so many happy people bopping with our own head bopping. We hope to bop again real soon!! Plus, Jenny's flyers totally became a hot commodity by the end of the night... I believe that may very well be our first piece of merchandise."

Rock off,

[Alex's blog post was edited by Barry and Jenny. Surprise, Alex!]

Blogger 101

Welcome to Citizens on Patrol's highly tentative blog! Members of this blog can log in at blogger.com and, from there, post away.

This is a little strange, but even posting a comment to this blog, requires that one also be a blogger.com member. Unfortunately, that's the best and almost-only way (unless we blog using MT, that is) to deter "comment spam," which comes from automated spambots and evil ill-wishers who are well-paid.

In a fresh breath of geekiness, this page also comes in the form of an atom RSS feed. If you're a fabulous nerd, you'll think that's really cool.

Also, there's also a highly tentative myspace profile, which is now up and flying.