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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


There has been a change to the upcoming show on the 24th. COP will now be playing at the McCormick Auditorium on Northwestern University's campus. Always remember to check the shows page before heading out as the most current info will be posted there.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Website Updates

I changed the photos page a bit so that instead of seeing a plain vanilla directory listing, there is now a drop-down listing of the photos. That way you don't have to reload the page for each photo. It's not the best way of doing things but it's an improvement. I can probably add captions but I'll leave that decision up to you mojambo's.

Also, the news page is gone. No need for it with this fancy blog. Instead I put up a videos page. Jenn, I tried the thing you said about editing the .mov file, but for some reason my copy of Vegas doesn't want to load videos. Would you be able to give it a shot? I'd like to cut Adam's video from the Keg into different files by song, and in mpeg format if possible.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

our token superstar....

Massive props to Will for being all over the latest issue of Rolling Stone. I picked up a copy today and my mind was officially blown as I read David Bowie explaining how awesome The Arcade Fire is. The article was written about the band's recent triumphant trip to NYC, which Will jetted off to between two microscopic, local COP shows. He plays with us at Shanley Pavilion (yes, the boarded up cabin) goes to NYC, plays on Conan, appears in Rolling Stone, sings on stage with David Byrne, and then comes back to Evanston just in time for us to play the 1800 Club.

I'm just saying that life is magical and hilarious, that's all.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The internet is now complete. (You can stop searching it)


Citizens on Patrol's show at THE KEG in Evanston, IL is now on the web.

See for yourself... BY CLICKING HERE!!!!!

Get those web-hit numbers up and visit often!!!

and remember
shop smart, shop... S-Mart.....YA GOT THAT?!?!!