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Monday, April 25, 2005

COP+ROBshow = success

The Niteskool show yesterday was spectacular. Rob blew the entire audience away. He's definitely the best bass playing 6th grader I've ever seen and truly rocked the place to its very core. And unlike me, his fake mustache stayed on for the WHOLE show...... that's gotta be some kind of COP record. We'll have jaw-dropping photos up soon (I heard rumors that Eric kicked his leg clear over and around Rob's head as we were playing).

And thankfully both Rob's mom and NUTV were there with cameras to document this amazing day. I'm excited to see what the nice NUTV lady does with the footage and her interviews with Rob and Jenny.

Speaking of fake mustaches, I think we may have weirded out a few members of the other bands we were opening for as some were unlucky enough to see Mark, Adam, me and Rob giddily combining fake sideburns to make giant mustaches on eachother in the men's room. Probably not what you see backstage in the bathroom at the Metro. Whatever, we made history. We also learned as a band not to wolf down questionably prepared chinese food minutes before performing.

Thanks again Rob, you were the coolest! We'll have your bio up soon!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

COP in the news!!

Hey everyone, there's an excellent article about us and our upcoming show in Play- the magazine section of the Daily Northwestern today!! Eric totally did the interview via cell phone while on set for the music video. Gawd we're so hollywood. READ IT AND WEEP!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Searching High Video Shoot: Day Three of Three

Our first original song just got turned into a video. We're expecting our second to be the answer to the puzzle of cold fusion.

The video is completely done, and it may be the greatest thing ever committed to film- (not including news bloopers). Thanks to a small army of dedicated video people, this sucker turned out waaaaay better than any of us even dreamed. Wait till the premiere in early June..... the video is destined for great things. It may even be our next president.

Major major major thanks to Peter, Nate, Erin, Claire and the rest of Niteskool for taking Will and Jenny's nutty song and making it into a beautiful film in three busy, exciting, fun-filled days. After it was all over, we played a Carly Simon cover with Peter and the rest of the Niteskool gang on vocals. Then we played "Searching High" one last time as the crew destroyed the set like a school of piranhas, during which time a comically large piece of the set flew directly into Mark's crotch. The perfect way to end the perfect weekend.

What a wonderful time to be alive.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Searching High Video Shoot: Day Two

Day two was busier and even more mind blowing. Jennbo was a champ as always, meryl streeping her way to the top. The rest of the boys got to wear badges and run after this dude.

But the most important news is that we found a bass player to fill in for Will for our next show on april 24th. His name is Rob, he's an actor we met on set, and he's a bass virtuoso.

Oh yeah. He's 12. Will taught him all the songs like Obi Wan to Luke between scenes today.

these are strange magical times, indeed.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Searching High Video Shoot: Day one

Well day one of the shoot is in the can, and alls I can say is we're amazed. Things are looking real good..... all filmed on a steady cam, the skinniest ties on earth, slow motion stick countoffs, multiple Jenny-doppelgangers..... i'm telling you people this video will blow you away. What excited me most was seeing a classroom of real kids bopping their heads to the tune. Peter and the rest of the Niteskool crew know what their doing, and sweet lord do they do it well!

Tomorrow should be a doozy, i'm sure we'll have some hilarious pics up soon. We kept crotch punching to a minimum today, out of respect for the immense film crew.