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Sunday, May 01, 2005

C'mon Coldplay

I would also like to say that we'd love to have more blog comments submitted by friends, fans and non-band members. This blog is open for postings from anyone who is registered at www.blogger.com and we'd love to hear from you. So Tegan and Sara, if you're reading this, drop us a line!


Mark Citizen said...

Be sure to check out the article on Canada's most famous bassist who dresses as a police officer.

3:43 PM  
Pearl said...

i'm neither tegan and sara but i'm just commenting to let jenn know that there were many good comments about her in my script notes for the music video. and sorry to mark for continuously ringing the doorbell while he was in the shower. the site looks great, btw!

7:06 PM  
Alex said...

Please get a load of this.

click on slideshow to see an ass that just won't quit.

PEARL!! thanks again for everthing-- especially all the photos we gangsted for this site! I hope you enjoyed my portrait of mark as a hammerhead shark. mark didn't.

6:31 PM  
Barry said...

Is that Will pulling a Timmy C. (Rage Against The Machine)?

9:45 PM  
Alex said...

Look's more like a King Kong (King Kong Lives).

9:48 PM  
Pearl said...

hi alex,
yes i loved hammerhead mark! i still have him in my folder and will use him as a good-luck charm on all future script sup film sets to ensure continuity.

i am very much regretting not being able to go to the niteskool kickoff show but the photos from it look great. i'm gonna make it to a future COP show someday!!

3:29 AM  
~ Fiona ~ said...

Hi there,

I dont really know this band, but I just thought it was kinda cool that you mentioned Tegan and Sara in the post :)

that's all,

bye :)

3:53 AM  

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