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Monday, April 25, 2005

COP+ROBshow = success

The Niteskool show yesterday was spectacular. Rob blew the entire audience away. He's definitely the best bass playing 6th grader I've ever seen and truly rocked the place to its very core. And unlike me, his fake mustache stayed on for the WHOLE show...... that's gotta be some kind of COP record. We'll have jaw-dropping photos up soon (I heard rumors that Eric kicked his leg clear over and around Rob's head as we were playing).

And thankfully both Rob's mom and NUTV were there with cameras to document this amazing day. I'm excited to see what the nice NUTV lady does with the footage and her interviews with Rob and Jenny.

Speaking of fake mustaches, I think we may have weirded out a few members of the other bands we were opening for as some were unlucky enough to see Mark, Adam, me and Rob giddily combining fake sideburns to make giant mustaches on eachother in the men's room. Probably not what you see backstage in the bathroom at the Metro. Whatever, we made history. We also learned as a band not to wolf down questionably prepared chinese food minutes before performing.

Thanks again Rob, you were the coolest! We'll have your bio up soon!!


Alex said...

So my dear friend Marina had an insane story as to how she got to the show on sunday..... I believe you all should read it-


8:57 PM  

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