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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Searching High: Mission Accomplished

So when I found out we'd be going to the studio to record Searching High, I thought to myself..."okay that'll take 2...3 hours tops" Yeah, so we were in the studio last night from noon till 3am. 15 hours to record the greatest song of all time? I'm fine with that. Plus it was SOOO MUCH FUN, and our engineer Roger was so friggin cool. I'm really impressed he didn't murder us all around the 10 hour mark.

Anyway, massive thanks to all the Niteskool peeps that stuck it out with us in the studio last night and for all the support to make it all possible! Thanks again to 3 Pear Studios and dear Roger for letting our police presence be known yesterday. Wait till you hear the song, America.... it'll blow you on your ass.


Jenn said...

Jupiter 8 what what!! Represent!

I'm so far on my ass, it's unfunny.

10:15 PM  

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