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Monday, February 21, 2005

Blogger 101

Welcome to Citizens on Patrol's highly tentative blog! Members of this blog can log in at blogger.com and, from there, post away.

This is a little strange, but even posting a comment to this blog, requires that one also be a blogger.com member. Unfortunately, that's the best and almost-only way (unless we blog using MT, that is) to deter "comment spam," which comes from automated spambots and evil ill-wishers who are well-paid.

In a fresh breath of geekiness, this page also comes in the form of an atom RSS feed. If you're a fabulous nerd, you'll think that's really cool.

Also, there's also a highly tentative myspace profile, which is now up and flying.


underscorebleach said...

Ahh, but if you're a truly fabulous nerd, you'll know that "atom RSS" is an impossibility; Atom and RSS are competing syndication formats, my dear Jenn. Reminds me of a conversation long ago about TABLEs...

8:07 PM  
Jenn said...

i noticed that. i was going to change the post from "RSS" to "XML" after i finished the things barry and i were discussing, but it was too late: a truly nitpicky nerd had already stopped by

9:17 PM  

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