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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Will, Eric- turn in your badges...

Thanks to everyone who came out last night. That very well may have been our greatest show ever. Magical things happened. First off, Mark's introduction over the demo song on Will's keyboard was truly a thing of beauty and wonder. The horrific porno music was almost as ghastly as Mark's chesthair and cowboy boots. The fact that we were able to pull of about 2 sets (we only had to do ONE song twice) was miraculous. And our rendition of 99 red balloons was so shockingly not a train wreck, we actually kept laughing in disbelief as we played it.

Best of all, it was graduation for Will and Eric and their whole damn families were there to get down with us. It was kinda like the end of Goonies when the parents reunite with the kids on the beach and you kinda see where the Goonies get it from. When Dr. Tal jumped up and started dancing like a madman right along side Eric, I was like "ooooh I get it now."
Then in our last song, "The Greatest Story Ever Told," Will brought out his mom (without warning her at all) to join us on keyboards. In a totally Back to the Future moment Will said something like "This is the blues riff in B, watch me for the changes, and try and keep up," to his mom. She calmly sat behind the keyboard and proceeded TO WAIL LIKE NOTHING ELSE I'VE SEEN BEFORE.

It was a magical night. A great way to end a truly unbelievable year for this band. Godspeed Eric and Will, may you always keep a badge in your heart and a gun in your holster.


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